Adam Meyer Biography

There are always all kinds of debates on who the biggest star in Vegas

is. Well, around this time of year, there is no question about

it. His name is Adam Meyer, and he is the sports

consultant to the stars.


You don't think for a minute that the biggest players in

"Send-it-in-city"pick their own games do you? No way! Adam is

box office money, and the heavy hitters know it. His client list

reads like the front page of Variety.


Adam has been in the handicapping business for

over 25 years. If there‚Äôs an outcome, Adam will show you

how to turn it into an income.


Adam appears on more than a dozen current radio shows

across the country as well as TV and radio in the

UK and China.  Adam isn't a rising star, he's already there. 

Adam has been featured or referenced in USA Today,

ESPN Insider, CNBC,The Wall Street Journal, E! TV

Cigar Aficionado, The Las Vegas Review Journal

and the list goes on.


In 2011 Adam Meyer added Publisher to his mogul status.

Real Money Sports Magazine was sold at Barnes and Noble,

Borders and every 7-11 across the country.

This robust preview of every NFL team, including trends, schedules,

totals projections and top 20 College Preview is just another addition

to Adam Meyer's handicapping empire.


The Real Money Sports iPhone and Android mobile applications were

launched to provide clients with up to the second information and

provide a confidential environment to receive information from Real Money Sports


Adam Meyer kicked off the 2012 Pro football season as a weekly contributor for the 

San Francisco Chronicle's iPad magazine, the "49ers Insider".  Adam is providing weekly

picks and games to stay away from for the entire 2012-2013 season. The "49ers Insider"

can be found in the iTunes store.


As the President and CEO of Real Money Sports, even with his new

found celebrity, Adam still remains singularly focused on one thing... Winning.