Real Money Sports Testimonials

I've been with for the last two years. Prior to that, I was getting sliced and diced by a parade of jerks.  My fault. But I can tell you that thanks to Adam, I have not only gotten my previous losses back...I'm in the green, the deep green.  I'm not a huge player, but when Adam puts out a six unit play (that means he's serious) I go for it. It's all about money management with him. You can go 5-5 for the week, and make money.  If you go 7-3, which is about the norm, you make serious money.

Don J. Alabama

There are a lot of sports handicappers out there. They usually come out from under a rock just before football season, and then they disappear in to thin air.  I have been with for 3 years. Do we win every game? Of course not.  Do we win more than we lose? Absolutely.  But the best part of being a client is the customer service. I'm never more than a phone call or text away from getting the information and support I need.  So much of his information is late-breaking, and their communications program is so sophisticated, I get that info in real time. Will I be there another 3 years? Take the over.

Jim K. New York

I remember the first time I called I was new to sports betting.  I didn't know the money line from a hole in the ground. I got to speak to one of his top analysts who stayed on the phone with me for an hour, and this was after i told him I could only bet 25 dollars a game. I was amazed that they set me up with a program that I could afford.  I was even more amazed at how much money I won considering the size of my bets.  Point is, they have something for every kind of player and everybody gets treated like a VIP. Thanks Adam.

Cliff B. Boston

I remember when I first signed on at  I’m sort of like a charter member.  Adam was by far the best sports handicapper I had ever seen. Driven. I swear that he willed certain outcomes of games with his intensity. It's not a surprise to me that he is now officially recognized as the best out there. That's not my opinion, just this year alone he was featured in the Wall Street Journal twice, USA Today, made numerous TV appearances, hundreds of radio shows, will soon be doing a daily radio show of his own (finally) on and I heard something about a reality TV show in the Spring. When you're good…you're good. He's got the win gene.  Period.

Tony M. New Jersey

Honestly, I don't know how he does it. How does a sports handicapper stay in business for twenty years? I look at it this way, as long as he keeps winning, I'll keep playing.  It's a whole new mindset for me. I was conditioned to losing. Adam changed the way I looked at betting games. He taught me how to look at it as a season, not a single game...a marathon, and not a sprint.  A business, and not gambling.  Last year I won $232,000 dollars. That's six times my salary… Just win baby.

Stan H. Ohio

My goal in life is to be banned in every casino in Vegas, except one…just like Adam Meyer. They don't ban you if you're losing. I heard he bet a million on the Super Bowl this year. Committed to his picks? Ya think? And speaking of thinking, I don't. I just follow the plays and don't try to do this on my own. I tried it for 8 years. It didn't work. Since I've been with Adam, I can watch NFL football without a pack of Rolaids next to me.

Steve K. Indiana

Adam, I've been reading your blog. They are insightful and funny. And not always about sports. Where the heck do you find the time to write them?  I guess you must work twenty-hour days. I just wanted to drop you this note to tell you that the money I won this year will put my daughter through college. I worked like crazy all my life and was worried about her education, but you took care of that. God Bless.

Abe M. Dallas

I kind of know what time I have to drop the kids off at school. I sort of know when I have to be at work. But I positively know what time Adam Meyer is on the radio.  He does a show every Friday on our number one sports radio station and I will not miss it. The guy is ridiculous. He makes more sense out of a game than anyone anywhere.  College or pro, I wouldn't go into the football season without him...unless you want to get shredded.

Noel E. North Carolina

There's sports radio, and then there's winning radio. What's the difference? Adam Meyer. I tune in every Friday to hear him break down the games. He doesn't just break them down, more often than not, he tells you who's going to win. His record is hard to fathom, but then again, he's been at this for 19 years. I swear that when he picks a football game, he probably gets in the heads of the players. It’s scary, but it's scary good. His advice doesn't come cheap...but neither does winning.

Phil C. Sacramento

You can't believe how much I look forward to listening to Adam Meyer on the radio.  We generally get him about once a week where I live, but it is the most intelligent breakdown of games you will hear anywhere. The guy is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge on every sport you can bet on…but he is a monster when it comes to college and professional football.  I just signed on with him and I can't tell you how excited I am. I heard he will be doing a daily radio show on If you're playing, I hope you're listening.

Terry G. Oklahoma

I actually time my lunch hour so I can catch Adam Meyer on the radio…I go to the drive-thru, grab a burger and listen to Adam.  It's the best part of my week.  Not only does he know more about betting on sports than any other human on the planet, he has a way of explaining it that makes total sense, and he's kind of funny too.  But I'll tell you this, when it comes to picking games, he's as serious as a heart attack.  He's got a little edge to him, but if you picked as many winners as he does, you'd be the same way. I hate to say it, but he knows ten times more than the host of the show. You heard of must-see TV? If you're bettin' football this is "Must-listen radio"

Tommie V. San Francisco

I can't get enough of this guy.  If they ever take him off the air, (especially during football) I will personally burn down the radio station. Adam Meyer is without a doubt the number one sports handicapper alive.  Now of course my opinion might have something to do with the fact that I hammered his free pick last week. He practically called the score of the game... an 8-point dog wins outright, just like he called it. Now I go to his web site, read his blog...I would have his children if he keeps this up.  The guy is obsessed with winning.  Can't wait for his next show.

Bruce O. Miami

Just when I thought there was no hope, along comes Adam Meyer. I have been listening to, and following his advice on the radio for the last two years. Between his game breakdown and analysis of college and pro games and his quirky personality, the guy is the George Clooney of handicapping…a real stud.  He's on once a week, and I'll tell you this, it ain't enough he takes you through what to bet, why to bet it, and most importantly how strong to bet it.  He always talks about money management, discipline and treating this like a business.  If ever goes public, I'm a buyer.

Sandy W. Cleveland (Go Browns)

I'm in the car a lot. Here are my choices on the radio…Rush Limbaugh or hits from the 80's.  It's torture. But, once a week I get to listen to Adam Meyer on local sports radio. I bet on college and NFL football, and I don't make a move until I listen to what he has to say about the games.  It's uncanny the kind of insight he has. I don't know how much of it is insight or intuition or information, but he is cock-sure when he suggests a play. It's only about fifteen minutes a week, but it has changed my life.

Barry A. Los Angeles

It's like that E.F. Hutton ad, when Adam talks…I listen.  Adam Meyer is without a doubt the best college and pro football handicapper in the country.  I get to listen to him twice a week on one of our local sports radio shows.  To listen to him, you would think it was his show...even the hosts are amazed at his handicapping skills. I heard he has been banned from every casino in Vegas except one, where he bet a million bucks on the Super Bowl. With his record, I can see why.  If you try to bet football on your own, you're a maniac. Tune him in. Tune everybody else out.

Victor Z San Francisco

I've been listening to Adam Meyer for a few months. I think Adam puts in a tougher pre-season for football than the players. When you listen to him break down a game, it is as if the game has been played already. And in his head, it has.  I checked out his web site. This is one serious handicapper. He has a game face that tells you everything you need to know about him. This is serious business. I wouldn't miss him on the radio, he's spot on, and I'm making money.

Lawrence G. Kansas City