Money Management

It’s all about the UNITS! Following the unit structure is how YOU will maintain positive cash flow while using For example, if you play a single game and your maximum bet is $600, your unit amount would be $100 per unit. If today’s play was 4 units you would wager a total of $400 on the game. If the unit number was 6 or an Adam’s “Best Bet” the $100 per unit player would be wagering the maximum amount of $600. Following the unit system keeps you inside your betting limit and over time will keep you in the BLACK!

Let me show you an example of how the unit structure works. A current member is a $100 per unit player and over a one week period wins 8 games and loses 7 games. Because the 8 wins were all played at 4 units ($400 bet) and the 7 losses were all played at 1 unit ($100 bet) the member won $3200 and lost $770 (including 10% juice) netting $2430. That’s right the member still managed to win over $2400 going 8 and 7 on the week.

Compare that to someone who plays $400 on each of the 14 games posting the same 8 and 6 record over a week. That person would have won $3200 and lost $3080 (including 10% juice) netting only $120. What looks better in your bank account $120 or $2430? That’s what I thought!

Remember to follow the Real Money Sports unit structure each and every play.