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Are you short of money? Do you doubt my unheard of win percentage? It only takes one day and $44.95 to change your mind and put you on the winning path.  For $44.95 you will have full access for 1 day to all of the Real Money Sports selections.

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Each week over 10 million dollars is wagered per Adam’s advice. So how can he give away all of his winners for just $199 every 30 days? The answer is because Real Money Sports has over 20,000 members renewing every month…you do the math!

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VIP. Everybody knows it stands for Very Important Person. At, it stands for something really important. VIP stands for Valuable Insider Play. As a twenty-two year handicapping insider, Adam is privy to the latest-breaking, game-changing information. The kind of input that is just not available to the average bettor.

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