1 Day All Access

1 Day All Access

1 Day All Access
1 days

Are you short of money? Do you doubt my unheard of win percentage? It only takes one day and $44.95 to change your mind and put you on the winning path.

For $44.95 you will have full access for 1 day to all of the Real Money Sports selections.

You will receive selections in all sports. Football, baseball, basketball, hockey, horse racing and more! You will have total access to the AdamWins.com experience which includes the daily picks for that day, all with unit betting and my money management advice.  You will also have access to the a la carte picks as well.

Currently a 30 day membership for $199 is a lot more practical than a 1 day pass for $44.95. But if it's proof you want, it's proof you will receive.

You will create your own personal username and login for access to Adamwins.com in seconds.

The 1 Day All Access pass is NOT an auto-renewing membership and there is no need to cancel.

It won't take you more than 1 day to figure out why Adam Meyer and Real Money Sports is your best bet.